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 All of our services/programs are ABA based and tailored to each child individually.

Below is a list of our services and a brief description. For more details about our services and treatments please see our About Us page.




A Behavioral Assessment can be conducted on any child 12 months and up. If your child is having difficulties with social interaction, communication, behaviors and/or sensory sensitivities we can conduct a Behavior Assessment. Our Assessments are done by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.



Psychotherapy otherwise known as talk therapy is used to help our clients with a wide variety of mental illness and emotional difficulties. Psychotherapy can help individuals control or eliminate troubling symptoms that affect everyday living and wellbeing. With the treatment of psychotherapy it is possible to help a variety of individuals cope with problems in daily life caused by trauma, medical illness or loss (ie: the death of a loved one) or specific mental disorders (ie; anxiety or depression) 


Our team of psychotherapists are here to help you and your child or teen. Offering 1:1 and group therapy our team works with your child/teens needs to help to cope with mental illnesses, trauma and different life circumstances. We work together with them to help them overcome the challenges and achieve wellness as well as teaching a variety of life skills and coping strategies through CBT, DBT and Animal Therapy.

Behavior Consulting is a service that designs ABA based programs to target a specific behavior. These programs are Developed by our Board Certified Behavior Analyst ( BCBA).

IBI THERAPY: Our IBI programs/treatment are 1:1  intensive intervention that targets specific behaviors. These programs are designed and assessed by our Board Certified Behavior Analyst( BCBA ) We then have one of our Highly trained instructors continue to work 1:1 with your child daily implementing the personalized program.


Our Occupational Therapy services are designed to help children with a wide variety of skills. Some of the areas we focus on are in the self help and coping areas. Areas such as dressing, toilet training and grooming. In the area of fine motor we work on skills such as learning to hold a pencil or utensil properly. We also cover gross motor, physical exercise, visual and perceptual skills, play skills, and sensory integration.

We offer 1:1 Academic Tutoring which is a service that takes place in the child's home or in our center. A wide range of skills are taught including printing, reading comprehension, writing and math. Many children that we service struggle with the way a skill is being taught to them. The difficulty can come from either the environment the child is in when learning or by the language being used. We will assess the child's learning style and observe what challenges they may be facing.


Our social Skills programs can be either 1:1 or can be with a group depending on what the child's needs are and the target goal. Some areas we cover in our social skills programs are: play skills, conversation skills, emotional skills, and problem solving.

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